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Brian Hughes
Brian Hughes
Co-Owner & Lead Business Development Consultant
In addition to being our Lead Business Development Consultant at The Biz Dev Mastermind, Brian has been the Director of Sales and Marketing at RentWerx Property Management in San Antonio, Texas since 2016. Since that time, RentWerx has experienced tremendous growth, adding over 1 door per calendar day for the past three years and counting. Today, Brian is still involved in Business Development at RentWerx, but has trained a team of dedicated sales professionals to pick up where he has left off.

His team of two Business Development Managers and two Virtual Assistants STILL consistently sign up more than 1 quality door per day.

Today, Brian focuses most of his attention on working with other Property Management professionals to help them grow their businesses. The success of RentWerx is partly due to learning what other successful PM’s across the industry are doing and then applying it within our own business. In doing this, we have become master implementers, taking what others have found works, and applying it at RentWerx. This method has led to revolutionary changes within the business and is now the model for the Biz Dev Mastermind.

Brian has spearheaded the implementation of the systems and procedures that have led to RentWerx impressive rise. Now, he aims to implement those same systems in your business, leading to growth, increased revenue, and success.

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Brad Larsen
Stephanie Hughes
Hiring Manager

Stephanie handles the entire hiring process for our clients who are looking to hire a top performing Business Development Manager. This includes posting/managing the job listing, screening all candidates, interviewing and recommending qualified candidates, and facilitating the final steps of hiring your Business Development Manager. Stephanie also handles BizDev Mastermind’s social media accounts and works to develop relationships with other industry leaders.

Outside of work, Stephanie loves nature and traveling! She loves spending time with her husband, Brian, and dog Biscuit, looking for new trails and adventures.

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Brad Larsen
Brad Larsen

Brad Larsen is the Founder of RentWerx Property Management, in San Antonio, Texas managing 1,000+ single-family homes with 35+ staff members. In 2017, Brad started the Property Management Mastermind Podcast, created the Property Management Mastermind Facebook Group, started the Biz Dev Mastermind Consulting Service, and started the Property Management Mastermind Conference. Brad has been a NARPM® Member since 2014, as well as a presenter, speaker, and exhibitor at NARPM Conferences. He also served as the NARPM Accounting Standards Committee Chair in 2018 and has most recently been accepted as a NARPM certified instructor.

Debbie Lariviere
Debbie Lariviere
Monter Coaching

Meet Debbie Lariviere

Debbie Lariviere is a dynamic figure in real estate, dedicated to helping others achieve their goals through determination, resilience, and continuous growth.

Early Beginnings

Debbie began her journey in Atlanta, Georgia, earning a degree in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Georgia. Her background in sports medicine gave her a strong foundation in teamwork, discipline, and problem-solving.

A Leap into Real Estate

In 2002, Debbie transitioned into real estate as an independent agent in Orlando, Florida. Her passion for helping people navigate the real estate market quickly became evident.

Achieving Milestones

Debbie's career is marked by impressive milestones, including building a successful real estate team and playing a pivotal role in launching a national real estate firm's office in Wilmington, North Carolina, where she served as CEO and grew the firm substantially.

Transition to Coaching

In 2018, Debbie co-founded a national real estate coaching agency, mentoring and developing real estate agents, teams, and brokerages. Her extensive experience and insights have helped many grow their businesses.

Today’s Role - Monter Coaching

Debbie now leads in coaching, women empowerment, and team building. In 2023, she founded Monter Coaching, an international coaching company helping real estate agents, teams, and property management firms achieve their full potential.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Debbie offers expert advice, invaluable experience, and cutting-edge insights to keep her clients ahead of market trends.

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