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Brad Larsen
Brad Larsen
Brad is the Owner and Founder of RentWerx, in San Antonio and Austin Texas. His company currently manages 900+/- single-family homes, with 30+ staff. As Founder and Owner of PMAV LLC, in San Antonio, Texas, he started the Property Management Mastermind Podcast, created the Property Management Mastermind Facebook Group, started Biz Dev Mastermind Consulting Service. and started the Property Management Mastermind Conference. Brad holds an Associate of Arts Degree from the New Mexico Military Institute, a Bachelor of Science Degree from Morningside University, and a Master of Business Administration Degree from the University of Phoenix. Brad has been a NARPM® Member since 2014, as well as a presenter, speaker, and exhibitor at NARPM Conferences. He also served as the NARPM Accounting Standards Committee Chair in 2018.
Brian Hughes
Brian Hughes
Co-Owner & Lead Business Development Consultant
In addition to being our Lead Business Development Consultant at The Biz Dev Mastermind, Brian has been the Director of Sales and Marketing at RentWerx Property Management in San Antonio, Texas since 2016. Since that time, RentWerx has experienced tremendous growth, adding over 1 door per calendar day for the past three years and counting. Today, Brian is still involved in Business Development at RentWerx, but has trained a team of dedicated sales professionals to pick up where he has left off.

His team of two Business Development Managers and two Virtual Assistants STILL consistently sign up more than 1 quality door per day.

Today, Brian focuses most of his attention on working with other Property Management professionals to help them grow their businesses. The success of RentWerx is partly due to learning what other successful PM’s across the industry are doing and then applying it within our own business. In doing this, we have become master implementers, taking what others have found works, and applying it at RentWerx. This method has led to revolutionary changes within the business and is now the model for the Biz Dev Mastermind.

Brian has spearheaded the implementation of the systems and procedures that have led to RentWerx impressive rise. Now, he aims to implement those same systems in your business, leading to growth, increased revenue, and success.

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